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2016 BushKids Calendar 1


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Please support our fundraising efforts by buying a unique piece of Australiana, This Calendar is put together from over 400 entries into our Calendar competition, with the final result being a snapshot into the lives of bush kids and their families from Australia all over.

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Bush kids to put a smile on your dial

THEY are resilient, resourceful and innovative ... and extremely adorable to boot.

With so much tenacity and charm, it's no wonder country youngsters are the perfect muses for the Bush Kids annual calendar. 

Bush Kids Facebook page founder Tricia Agar said the gorgeous photos sparked feelings of nostalgia for those who grew up on the land and highlighted the hard work being done by children in farming families.

Although Bush Kids' 30,000 followers react more to "cute” images, Tricia said she tried hard to promote the pictures that showed older children working alongside their parents. 

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