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Each year Bush Kids FB page keeps growing with an ever increasing audience. So many people are touched by the photographs and stories that are contributed to the FB page.  The photographs resonate with those fortunate ones that were given a bush childhood or are currently living their own bush dream. Images depicting the innocent joy of the little ones, the often hard but rewarding work of the older kids, plus the unending opportunities for fun and freedom on a scale that is not as usual in our society today. For those kids who are being reared in the bush/country/rural towns all across this vast land of ours, the photographs show a lifestyle that in many ways has not changed over the decades, and for many older “bush kids”, these images bring back many fond memories and helps them re-connect with their country roots.

None of this is possible without the generosity of the people who contribute their own bush stories through the photographs that are posted onto the Bush Kids FB page since the page started in 2013. 

At Bush Kids, we know and understand that even though living and working in rural and regional Australia is not for the feint hearted, and the farming/grazing families that are committed to agriculture in this country, do so out of the love for the land and the animals in their care.  The people that live in and around the bush towns, are also absolutely vital to the continued success of rural Australia, along with those out on the farms and stations. We are able to say, with conviction, that The Bush Life is still the Best Life!

Tricia Agar

Tricia is the founder of Bush Kids FB page, and lives and works with her husband and three daughters, on their sheep and cattle grazing enterprise west of Wyandra SW Queensland. Having been reared in the bush, she is passionate about the rural lifestyle and how essential is that we have farmers and graziers for generations to come.

With only 3% of the entire Australian population who are primary producers, helping to keep bush/farming families living and working in rural and regional Australia is vital, and one of the ways that Tricia hopes to help, even in a small way, is by providing a forum where people are able to contribute images that give the Australian population, a window into the lives of bush/farming families who are growing the food and fibre that is necessary for the continued survival of our nation

The concept of “Bush Kids” FB page was birthed out of the realisation of the enormous contribution that kids from the bush make to agriculture, through all of the generations. I wanted to start a page that reflected the unique lifestyle that the bush provides, as well as the importance of bush families to Australian Agriculture. Bush kids are a vital element in rural Australia, as they work along side their family to help provide the food and fibre for our Nation and also many countries around the world. Our bush kids help to fuel the engine room of agriculture in Australia by their hard work, industry and innovation. They are the future primary producers who learn the skills of the bush from their family from a tender age. We know that bush life is the best life and here at Bush Kids, we salute the food and fibre producers and the people that work in all aspect of agriculture.

Judi Bain

Judi Bain and her husband Carl live with their 6 children who are aged from teenagers to young adults including a newly married son, live on a property South of Cheepie. They are a high intensity family who live and breath bush life, while living and working in this isolated part of Queensland.   Judi has been a FaceBook admin for some time now, and is a vital part of the success of this page. 

These are my Bush Kids. This is what it is ALL about. These kids love the bush and all that it entails. They know droughts, floods and fires. They know what it is like to have to euthanise cattle stuck in bogs because they are too weak to get out. They know that the day starts early and finishes late and you don’t go home until the job is finished. They also know how to play. They also know that when you are given the opportunity to: down tools and jump in that dam,  have competitions jumping logs while tailing out the weaners or playing tag on horses;  to have a game of footy, build a fire by the lagoon while catching yabbies and boiling the billy or just having mates over to go for a hunt...they take it with both hands. Cheers from Cheepie. Judi Bain

Annette Schimke

Annette Schimke is a professional photographer based at Toogoolwah in Queensland. Annette has the country running through her veins and is a bush kid herself. Annette spends countless hours capturing the sports of campdraft and rodeo along with weddings and family shoots plus the weather with her considerable talents with the camera. Annette has been donating her valuable time to Bush Kids FB page since it was formed,  being an admin and also a judge of the photo competitions.

Hi my name is Annette Schimke FRAMED FOREVER FOTOS. My love for the land has turned a dream of freezing time into something special to remember. My true passion is Campdrafting. My love for it keeps me snapping.

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